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Respect the Ritual Week of the first Quarter Moon September 12, 2017

“Anxiety binds us to a possible future, and guilt and shame bind us to a constrictive past. In neither case have we gained sufficient purchase on the possible present.” – James Hollis in “Hauntings”

We ALL have trauma, pain, suffering. It is part of the human experience. Many of us wish things were different or wish we felt different. We are angry with those that brought us up because they did not properly care for us emotionally or physically or we are angry because of our genetic propensity towards certain thoughts, feelings, behaviors. Angst. Depression.Oppression. Passed down over time, over generations.
I find that this journey towards healing is more of a spiral than it is linear. And even in the course of one day I may heal and the wound may reopen 3 or 4 or 5 times over again. I seem to move past something only to be haunted by it, to feel the broken sharp remnants of it later.
So how do we begin the process towards healing? How do we move forward knowing that our suffering may never be over?
You first must accept this journey as it unfolds. You continue on ahead, fearlessly and unknowingly and you gather more and more inner resources as you go. And as you gather you give back. You focus on others. You move forward in gratitude for even that which you have yet to see. And you remind yourself every day that your needs WILL be met in expected and unexpected ways.
You are not alone on this unfolding, chaotic, spiraling upward journey. I am right there with you grappling and struggling in the most graceful and grateful way I know how. But most of the time it does not look very pretty.

Weekly Mantra
(find a quiet place, maybe light a candle, burn some palo santo, close your eyes, breathe deep and repeat these words out loud as many times as you need until it resonates as truth)


Take Care.