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Succulent Bowl Building Workshop

Appreciating the Mother aspect is a daily part of life at Ceremony; we can’t much avoid her constant reminders and nuanced lessons. Celebrating our earthly mother figures can be a bit trickier, but we at Ceremony are here to help you honor your own in the most authentic way. This upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, we are pleased to announce two Succulent Bowl Building workshops – two opportunities to sit alongside the one who has nurtured you and create a new ode to luscious life.


Each class has 6 available individual spots for $115 per person. Attendees will meet in our newly-reappointed Potting Shop, guided and assisted in creating their own 12” Terracotta low bowl arrangements abundant with robust, plentiful Cacti and Succulents. All potting materials and natural decorative elements included, as well as care information and heartfelt hand-outs linking text with the texture of the experience.

If you’re wanting to reconnect with the maternal in any fashion, we encourage you to join. In an intimate and artful setting, amongst the oaks and the gifts of the Earth, your hands in the dirt – really no better way to honor the channeling and support of life itself. We can’t wait to welcome you, and yo’ Mama.

Gatherings are one of Ceremony’s most integral precepts. The backbone of our very existence is community, and it brings us immeasurable joy to meet with our patrons and friends in a spirit of co-creation.

In 2021, Ceremony set out to establish its own little corner of the world as an ever-widening space of opportunity for all. The historic carriage house next door to Ceremony has transformed into a permanent potting shop and site for our beloved planting workshops. Additionally, the Joyce Webb Stage erected at our storefront welcomes musical acts and creative endeavors of all sorts.

With each developmental endeavor, we at Ceremony seek to not only oer but invite growth and connection. We enthusiastically welcome the suggestions and intentions of our wider community of dreamers and artisans as to how these spaces we shepherd might be put to further use. Contact us via email with your unique visions, and we will work together to make them a reality.

Please see below and consult our social media outlets for updates on events and opportunities available.