Botanical Studio

Ceremony Botanical Studio


At Ceremony, thoughtful design and curated details are at the heart of everything we do. From the items we carry in our shop, our design projects and the workshops we’ve hosted for our community, our approach is one that pays respect to the power of design and its ability to influence, comfort, challenge, and bring joy.

We understand that each project we take on is unique and has its own creative challenges, and we consider this in our design process for every space we’ve had the privilege to design.

Helping our clients think outside of the box and understand all the unique possibilities allows us to collaboratively create an environment that tells a story and holds lasting appeal, with one main goal in mind: To create a space that is easy on the eyes and pleasing to the soul.

Community Pizza & Beer Garden

The Wimberley Square

Community Pizza has been a welcome addition to the food scene in Wimberley, and we were thrilled when they asked us to design large scale planters for the exterior of their restaurant. Because much of the restaurant’s focus is on their outdoor space, we wanted the planters to  blend in with the rest of the space’s casual, inviting atmosphere and to stand out all at once. Because of the bright morning and afternoon light we decided to plant an array of succulents and cacti, splashed with a variety of smaller, bright florals to accentuate the layered succulents and cacti.

The Shady Llama

Wimberley, Texas

One of our favorite spots to bring friends and family visiting from out of town, this outdoor beer garden perched on the side of a hill boasts spectacular views and sunsets. We were so excited about the thoughtful design and curated drink menu that this destination spot for the Texas Hill Country offers. Privileged to be asked to help design table displays and container gardens for them, we turned to succulents and cacti for their low maintenance and their longevity in the warm Texas summers.